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Caves and landscapes in East Asturias

Peña Tú

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The coastal area between Ribadesella and Pimiango (Ribadeva), and the picturesque valleys of the rivers Deva, Cabrales, Onís and Sella are home to surprising natural sites that hide prehistoric enclaves where Geology and Archaeology come together to understand the remote glacial eras and to enjoy cave architecture and the first Art of Humanity.

Sites that can be visited in East Asturias

Sites that can be visited: 1. Cueva de El Pindal (Pimiango, Ribadedeva) ; 2. Cueva de La Loja (El Mazo, Peñamellera Baja), 3. Réplica de la Covaciella (Carreña, Cabrales), 4. C.I. de la Fauna Glaciar (Avín, Onís), 5. Cueva del Buxu (Cardes, Cangas de Onís), 6. Dolmen de la capilla de la Santa Cruz (Cangas de Onís), 7. Cueva de Tito Bustillo, La Cuevona y Centro de Arte Rupestre (Ribadesella), y 8. Monumento rupestre de Peña Tú (Puertas de Vidiago, Llanes).

How to get there: The route starts in the town of Pimiango (Ribadedeva) and ends in Puertas de Vidiago (Llanes), crossing the valleys of the east of the Principality and the towns of El Mazo, Carreña, Avín, Cardes, Cangas de Onís and Ribadesella. It is designed to be done in 3 days.

Not to be missed: The caves of El Pindal, Tito Bustillo and Covaciella have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The first two can be visited directly, while the third has an exhibition in Carreña (Cabrales) which houses a replica of the cave paintings.

Cueva del Pindal
Cueva de la Loja
Facsimil de la Covaciella
Cueva de Avin
Cueva del Buxu
Dolmen de la Santa Cruz
Cueva y Centro de Arte Rupestre de Tito Bustillo
Monumento de Peña Tú