Cultural Routes in Spain
Junta de Castilla y Léon
Rock Art in the Northern Meseta

Ojo Guareña

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Castilla y León is the largest region in the European Union and, throughout the length and breadth of the region, we can find different rock art sites of interest. The chosen route, with two areas – north and south – will allow us to discover and enjoy the richness and variety of the Rock Art of the whole Peninsula, from the expressions of the first artists of the Upper Palaeolithic, to the latest rock representations of the Bronze and Iron Ages. On this exciting route we will discover shelters, caves and rocky outcrops, and we will also observe delicate representations engraved on small and mobile supports (plaques and stones), currently preserved in museums.

Not to be missed: The petroglyphs (more like shelters) of Peña Piñera and the nearby pre-Roman fort of the same name are a highly recommended destination. Valonsadero (Soria) is one of the largest concentrations of Schematic Art in Spain and has a well-defined and signposted hiking route. The Cueva de Los Enebralejos and Domingo García (both in Soria) are also cave destinations of great interest, especially if you are travelling with children.

How to get there: Due to the enormous distances, it is complicated to cover the entire route in one go. We recommend visiting the sites in the northern area individually (Peña Piñera and the museum in León can be done in one day) and covering the route in the southern area, from Valonsadero (Soria) to Segovia, which would take about 4-5 days.

Peña Piñera
Ídolo de Tabuyo
Cueva de Ojo Guareña
Abrigos de Valonsandero
Plaqueta de Villalba
Peña de Los Plantíos
Hoces del Duratón
Cueva de los Enebralejos

Cerro de San Isidro
Placas de Estebanvela